Production of fire-resistant glass

Introducing highly transparent silicates designed for the production of fire-resistant
glass. Also available in Green Silicates versions (Tonasil Na GS and Tonasil K GS).

New filling station
for dispatching silicates

We are pleased to introduce our new filling station for dispatching silicates, which meets
the most stringent occupational and environmental safety criteria.

DorSil - efficient and ecological
Briquetting of waste and dust particles

The company Vodní sklo, a.s. presents a new and unique product line DorSil, which is used for briquetting waste and dust particles of solid
material. The aim of using DorSil products is to achieve material homogeneity and increase bulk density. The main advantages of using Dorsil
are in increasing safety with the disposal of dust particles and waste, in saving transport costs, but also in reduced landfill costs.
This type of binder can be used from briquetting of coal dust, dust particles from various industrial productions, waste,
but also metallic and non-metallic materials.

We offer three product lines - DorSil, DorSil Green Silicates and DorSil Green Silicates Pure,
which are characterized by different carbon footprints.

DorSil (D) - inorganic binder produced from standard raw materials
DorSil Green Silicates (DGS) - The development of an inorganic binder was focused not only on increasing the homogeneity of the mixture,
but also on reducing the carbon footprint
DorSil Green Silicates Pure (DGSP) - A unique carbon neutral inorganic binder with a zero-carbon footprint

Contact your sales manager for more information.

New production units
in Ústi nad Labem - Střekov

Certified carbon
footprint management

The company Vodní sklo, a.s. is committed to measuring, tracking
and reducing carbon footprints thanks to the innovative product line
Green silicates.

Diverse applications of our products

Development of a new products according customer's needs

Food industry

Production of cheese, beer, pastries and feed

Chemical industry

Production of plastics, catalysts, petrochemicals, commodity and specialty chemicals

Paper industry

Production of recycled, packaging, office paper and newsprint


Production of facade, interior, anti-corrosion paints, pigments and paints for wood


Production of ceramic tiles and paving, concrete, plaster, adhesives and finishes


Glass and refractory industry, production of detergents, production of welding wires, water treatment and foundry and more

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