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Production of water glass (silicate) started in the company of Friedrich Wassmund, which was later moved to the TONASO complex.
The Association for Chemical and Metallurgical Production had begun cooperation with the company Solvay & Cie in Brussels (Spolek-Solvay Joint Undertaking) on the introduction of new soda ash production in the territory of Austria-Hungary.
Establishment of The English Austrian Sugar Refineries Limited in London (later Nestomitzer Zucker-Rafinerie mit dem Sitze in Aussig), which produced refined sugar on the site of the later TONASO site.
Establishment of a port on the Elbe.
The construction of a factory for the production of soda ash by the Solvay method (Soda Factory - TONASO) has started.
Start of production of soda ash.
Production of calcium chloride and ammonium chloride.
The production of water glass (silicates) was transferred to the TONASO complex.
Production of sodium and potassium chromate begun.
Limestone mining started in the Solvay mines in the village of Svatý Jan pod Skalou.
Production of ammonium dichromate begun.
Production of precipitated calcium carbonate started.
Production of sodium bicarbonate begun.
The production of refined sugar was ended.
The annual production of soda ash was 70 kt / year.
Nationalization of TONASO.
Production of chromium salts and mordants started.
The annual production of soda ash reached 120 kt / year.
The production of soda ash ended.
Privatization of the national company TONASO.
Discontinuation of sodium bicarbonate production.
Establishment of the company Vodní sklo, a.s.
Acquisition of Vodní sklo Brno, a.s.
Establishment of the van Baerle VS joint venture. s.r.o.
Certificate 9001
Production of lithium silicates started
Member of the CEES / Cefic consortium.
Production of electrical insulating coating started.
ISO 14001 certification.
Member of the Chemical Industry Association.
Responsible Care, Halal and Kosher certification.
Establishment of Tonaso Coatings, s.r.o. engaged in the production of silicate paints.
Acquisition of silicate production in the Ústí nad Labem - Střekov complex.
Start of production of solid calcium chloride in a new spray dryer.