Worldwide Responsible Care Charter

Responsible Care®️️ is an initiative of the global chemical industry in the field of environment, health and safety and aims to support continuous performance improvement. It achieves this goal by complying with and going beyond legislative and regulatory regulations and by adopting voluntary initiatives based on cooperation with governments and other stakeholders. Responsible Care is an ethical standard as well as a commitment made to build trust in industry, which is essential for raising living standards and quality of life.
The Global Responsible Care Charter is based on an examination of the practices and performance of the chemical industry since the mid-1980s, taking into account the recommendations of independent stakeholders from around the world. The Charter extends the original elements of Responsible Care created in 1985. It addresses new and important challenges facing the chemical industry and global society, including increasing public dialogue on sustainable development issues, public health issues related to the use of chemical products, the need for greater transparency and industry and opportunities to achieve greater harmonization and coherence between the currently implemented national Responsible Care programs. The International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) will continue to prepare, through Responsible Care, actions that are in line with the principles of environmental protection set out in the UN Global Compact.
On 21 August 2014, the Board of Directors of SCHP ČR decided on the accession of the Association to the Charter of Responsible Care, which was updated by the ICCA to the current conditions. In the appendix you will find the Declaration signed by Ing. Petr Cingr, President of SCHP CR, his translation into Czech and Czech translation of the ICCA manual. Representatives of SCHP CR and its first member organizations began to implement the principles of Responsible Care as early as 1994.

You can find more detailed information at, where you can also monitor the course of defending the right to use the Responsible Care logo.