DORSil Additive silicate

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DORSil Additive silicate

Category: Silicate Chemistry

Silicate additive product with use in agriculture

Business manager:
Prchal Radek
Tel.: +420 602 589 851

Jakub Čapek
Tel.: +420 732 379 246


Provides resistance to mineral stress (lack of silicon and potassium).

Increases drought resistance by reducing water loss.

Protects plants against fungal diseases, molds and mildew by up to 60 %.

Improves resistance to toxicity of phosphorus, manganese, aluminum, iron and increases resistance to salts.

Improves the course of photosynthesis.

Types Density (kg/m3)
DORSil ZD 41 1240 – 1266

Application: according to the application sheet


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