Sodium bicarbonate

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Sodium bicarbonate

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NaHCO3, baking soda

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Ing. Plachá Kateřina
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Used in the food and pharmaceutical industry, drinking water treatment, feed production, flue gas cleaning in hazardous waste incinerators, in the chemical industry, production of plastics and cleaning products.

It is used as an additional resp. feed adjuvant (compound feeds and premixes, acidity regulator) or to supplement the feed ration directly on the trough, especially for cattle and other livestock.

Types NaHCO3 content (%)
Bicar Tec 50/125 K > 98
Bicar Tec 27/50 > 98
Bicar 0/3 FF > 98
Bicar Z 0/50 > 99
Bicar prach > 99
Bicar granule > 99

Application: according to the application sheet


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